Why Restoration Detailing?
Our mission is automotive restoration and a good detail is step one.

We're Mobile,
bringing years of luxury dealership detailing experience to your doorstep. 
We're Local,
Our home base is in Scottsdale so bring your project to us if you'd like.

And Convenient.
We can pickup and deliver as well. Whatever works best for you.
Fleet Detailing
We Handle The Tough Stuff Too. Quick turnaround time guaranteed and weekly or monthly subscriptions available too.

• Rental Fleets
• Commercial Fleet
• Construction Vehicles
• Party Buses & Limousines
• Multiple Personal Vehicles
Headlight Restoration Process
Professional headlight restoration involves a meticulous process that effectively removes oxidation, restores clarity, and enhances UV protection, ensuring optimal headlight performance and visibility.

Step 1
Clean the headlight's lenses and protect your vehicle from accidental damage
Step 2
Remove the old, failed clearcoat and resurface the raw plastic lens with progressively fine sanding media
Step 3
Polish and protect that new transparent surface for long lasting results
Detail For Retail

A quality detail makes a huge difference. Cleanliness is next to profitability
We Tint Too

Your place our ours, whichever works best!

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